You can help make this campaign more effective! The fundamental way to get involved is to boycott the 2020 Debian Conference in Haifa, Israel. But apart from that, you can help put pressure on the community to cancel or otherwise move the conference.

For anyone

  • Sign and share the petition.
  • Use #BoycottDebConf20 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to post about why tech conferences should not be held in Israel while apartheid exists.
  • Share this website with your friends and peers.
  • Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to help organize this campaign.
  • Write a blog post or op-ed about why you’re not planning on going, and send us the link!

For the Tech Community

  • Publicly make it known that you’re boycotting the 2020 Debian conference in Israel.
  • Attend a conference and talk to people about the campaign, and hand out fliers.
  • If you are a Debian or free software developer, or represent an organization, let us know if we can highlight you on our cosigners page.